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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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in the 1930s, farmers planted to replenish the barren soilof . today, we take that same historic bean, mix it with fruit and bake it... into soyjoy. prosecutors in the case.
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news 4 learned that a trial is more likely than ever. good evening. >> i'm sitting in for doreen gensler the man charge wd it killing chandra leafy in the district tomorrow. we're seeing how the prosecution's case is shaping up. we are joined outside the d.c. superior court. jackie? >> news 4 learned that he was offered a plea afwrement that expired july 24th. he did not accept it apparently. the documents lay out the prosecution's case against the suspect for the murder of chandra levy, the former intern vanished may 2001. her skeletal remains found in rock creek park a year later. the case was blamed for destroying the political career of gary condit, romantically linked to levy.
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never a suspect in the case. the suspect drew the attention of police early on for attacks on female joggers. he was serving a prison sentence for the crimes when charged last march with levy's murder. a list of witnesses that could be called to testify. they include a former cellmate, claims he was tied up and raped by the suspect. who said he leaked to commit similar crimes against women. another witness would testify that he was transferred in jail because of lewd behavior. and a witness would testify that he told him he enjoyed abusing women and would hogtie and rape them if they didn't want him. the documents state guandique told the witness if he was released from jail he would kill everyone he could. the documents also contain a long list of evidence, and a reference to dna analysis. it says an independent lab did
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obtain a mixture of dna from levy's running tights none which matches that of ingmar guandique. at trial, prosecutors would likely argue that after 14 months of exposure to weather in rock creek park, that that dna was virtually unusable. wendy, back to you. >> jackie benson. thank you. a dozen school children returned to quite a welcome at dulles airport tonight. part of the local group that spent much of the summer trip in china, quarantined because of fears of swine flu. craig melvin has more on the story now. craig? >> jim, as soon as the maryland and d.c. students touched the tarmac in beijing, 16 days ago they were whisked away, quarantined because the kid on the flight had a fever. tonight many students returned here to dulles to thrilled, relieved, family and friends. >> says welcome home in chinese. >> some of the anxious parents,
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held signs while they waited. >> in the end, these kids, weathered it all. once they got out of the hospital and quarantine they did get to see beijing. >> other parents recalled the worry. >> there was only one moment i was really, really worried when there was 12 hours no one was hearing from anyone when the quarantine first went down. >> thursday night. 12 students who spent the better part of what was an educational trip to china, quaur . >> we got quarantined. stayed in the hotel. i didn't get sick. just sat alone in a room all day. >> we had to wear facial masks. and kind of run away from us. and stuff. then the funny thing, the next day all of them had to put facial masks on. and they were like -- realized, are you going to run away from us now. >> jeremy peck was actually hospitalized in beijing.
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he is fine now. but he forgot something. >> it was really good. i have to tell my mom that i left my wlet the plane. >> i know. >> well. besides that how was it? >> it was really nice. even in quarantine it was fine. they treated us really well. >> you have a heck of a story? >> yeah, yeah, for once i have something to talk about about my summer. >> all the kids have a really cool story. mom said by the way, the grand scheme of things the wallet is really not that big of a deal. 12 of 21 students returned tonight. the remainder of the students will return august 7 and 8. also we should know we think they will probably get a similar homecoming to the one here at dulles. live at dulles airport, craig melvin, jim back to you. >> thank you, craig. >> fire fighters northeast busy at a vacant apartment building. flames broke out on the fifth floor on rhode island avenue, few blocks from kat rick-u.
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the roof collapsed. nearby rowhouses e v s. a fire in d.c. last night raised concerns about water pressure in the neighborhood. fire fighters say one reason the fire got out of control was that the nearest working fire hydrant was several blocks away. and that it took them quite a while to get enough water pressure to fight the fire. this evening, the mayor looked at the damage with the owner of the home. a former president of the d.c. school board. the mayor said the washington area sewer authority will likely face some tough questions. >> and does hire their permanent director they have a very serious infrastructure challenge that they have to resolve. and while there is a lot of management challenges. >> however, officials say it was "in their words" sufficient flow to fight the fire last night. they say they received one report over the past week from a customer on that block. and that when a worker checked
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out that -- that problem, the pressure was found to be sufficient. >> there is someig b problems with the cash for clunkers. and several officials quoted saying the government will suspend that cash for clunkers program immediately. and after a week after it happened. and it has been too popular. congress allocated $1 billion for the program. enough to pay for $250,000 trade-ins of older vehicles for fuel efficient ones. officials are now worried that just the current backlog of trade-ins may use up all the funding and late tonight a white house official said the administration is trying to extend funding for that program. >> do you know that just two weeks from tonight the skins will play their first preseason game? ain't that something? >> dear lord. >> oh, my. >> it is something. exciting. >> heart bestill. >> players are ready to get off
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the field, from two-a-days. be out there in game action. game one training camp is in the books. players were shaking off the off-season rust. everybody was accounted for except redskins first round draft pick. a training camp holdout. yet to sign his contract. for those on the field, sure a nice feeling. they say the second time around. the coach jim zorn said he was pleased not having to keep telling his players to pick up the tempo. everyone got it. jason campbell, obviously had a simultaneous was off-season. still the guy. campbell is going to let it all hang out with a positive approach. and always does the talking. players say so far they like the tone of camp. >> i just feel like the schedule is great. and a lot of down time. and staying at the home. with some of the young guys. and keep some veteran leadership over there. it's fun. it's fun. me and fred was talking.
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this camp is feeling a lot more laid back. a lot more fun. and i felt very comfortable that everybody kind of knew where we were going. we started working on initially more of the details of a play inead of just the basic assignment of a play. that's what i think we came in here with last year. boy, i am sure glad we didn't make a mistake on that play. >> jim zorn, has won a lot of affection, the veterans having four more years. and whether they want to stay in the team hotel or at home. most of the guys appreciate that. >> still ahead. they had some beers at the white house and they talked. now the police officer is telling us how it all unfolded. >> and it comes to an end, a child sprinting. >> the lunch seems to be everywhere right now. what is the best value. our forecast, bob? >> jim, we had clouds coming in. i think we will be seeing some more rain before july ends. auegu ihesst re. i'll tell you about the weekend
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the bus driver who was apparently talking on her cell phone while on the job, could be the first person to be fired under the metro agency's n zero tolerance policy. a rider snapped a photograph of the driver talking on a cell phone while driving near the metro station this week. news 4 showed metro general manager, john cato the picture and said such incidents reflect poorly on all metro operators ppd he will not tolerate it. >> my reaction is ashame asme you know? i'm angered. i have made clear the consequences of using a cell phone and operating a metro vehicle. and if we determine that's -- this is our emmyy and this is what happened, you know the consequences of it. >> the transit union will file a grievance if that driver is
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fired. police in prince william county are looking for a guy with a knife who jumped through a restaurant's drive-through window and robbed it. a surveillance video from a burger king in manasas, you see the guy jump through the window and demand money. the man took cash from the registers. he cloomd through the window. got in his car. off he went. >> the police in utah trying to stop a reckless drive got a surprise last sunday morning. they're trying to stop a car that was weaving in and out of traffic, running red lights. turns out the driver was a 7-year-old boy, who didn't want to go to church. so he took the car and started driving home. that boy and his parents will be on the "today" show tomorrow morning. >> still to come, python, a pet, it got loose. now it is roaming the neighborhood making people nervous. >> the president hoping a few beers can cool off one of the hottest topics in the country now. >> bob is talking e pol ntiamsstor e could have tentiapomsor heading our way. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak.
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president obama met with a harvard professor and sergeant. over beers, the three and vice esident joe biden discussed the issue at the center of the public controversy. >> president obama called it just having a drink at the end of theday. but the nation was watching. unexpectedly, vice president biden was at the table in the rose garden. sitting next to harvard professor henry louis gates jr., cambridge police sergeant, james crowley next to gates and the president. they drank from frosty mugs and munched peanuts and pretzels. camera crews and reporters kept too far become to hear what anyone said. the first time gates and crowley had spoken since the famous arrest two weeks ago. since the president weighed in. >> the cambridge police acted
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stupidly. >> can this scene calm the nation? earlier today, president obama tried to lower his expectations. >> three folks having a drink at the end of the day. and hopefully giving people an opportunity to listen to each other. >> sergeant crowley left the rose garden and reacted. >> we had a cordial productive conversation with the president, vice president and professor gates. we allelieve it is important to look forward rather than backwards. issues important to all of us will form the basis of discussions between professor gates and me in the days and week to co. >> the beer summit or whatever you want to call it. barack obama hopes it puts an end to the story. $5 seems to be the "" it" price for lunch. it started with subway's $5 foot
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long deal. now others, kfc, arby's, quiznos, pizza hut offering lunches for $5. results are mixed. >> i usually go for tst lgear thing. arby's. >> sandwich, fries, drink. >> kfc? >> why? you get more than your money for $5. kfc. >> of the 42 people we asked only one picked quiznos, three, pelt za hut, 8, subway. 11. arrby's. and five said they would spend their $5 at kfc. come on, bob. get on up here. >> busy night! >> yes it was. you have been all over the place. >> how busy, bob? >> and down. i had to get the weather picture of the night. >> and it is? >> the moon? eak a >> take a .ok an aou y going to do on ao o night likengto
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e avbe .er >> have a wbeereatu pfreic t o pme >> oo g night for a beer. vice president willt pie.eecth. >> you kn, w deo the best we can. >> ha-ha. heor the o tod.baop too bad. ho tthtus j erodmpteuremp today was 89 tmpej degrees. e vance, i wan ateg k at the bottom of we, dustouha yo we, dtou y thin tnk you ought your breath. >> ha-ha. >> outside tonight, our temperatures are right now -- here we are. our high temperature, 89 degrees. look at the heat that has been on out in the pacific northwest. seattle, record high, 96 degrees. portland today, portland only 96. but they have had s days above 90 degrees today. it is still on. that's where the heat is. not around the great lakes. not around the mid part of the country. there is the spin in the
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atmosphere. the next area of moisture that will be coming our way. i think setting up the stage, perhaps, for some nasty weather tomorrow. you can see that humidity. we have had a few showers in and around the areas to our south. nothing in and around us. and look at it. parts of the mid part of the country. boy, a nasty, nasty night. and severe thunderstorms. more rains out into kentucky and ten seep. and overnight tonight. that will be coming our way tomorrow. we'll have southwesterly wind. little area of low pressure moving to our north. we will have spin. it could be setting up for an afternoon with some nasty, perhaps, even some severe thunderstorms. but then as we get on into saturday -- take it easy. head down to the white house. maybe have a cool one. outside. tonight it is not cool. 74 degrees. tomorrow morning when you get up and head out. partly cloudy skies. then as we go through tomorrow. i think we will see sunshine. the likely time for some showers, thundershowers, some of which could be locally strong.
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there is a slight risk for even some severe weather. later on tomorrow and tomorrow evening. will be late tomorrow. then it will all move by. as we get on into saturday. i think certainly the better, or the sunnier of the two days for this weekend. temperatures near 88 degrees. late sunday there may be, may be, risk of some thunderstorms, doing out a bit of sailing. heading to the beaches. water temperatures now, low 70s. some nice southerly breezes. good sailing weather too. >> thank you, bob. >> and a nice half moon. >> it was. yes. >> coming up tonight. a missing snake in a neighborhood on alert. >> michael jackson's mother reaches a custody agreement with his ex-wife. >> and in skins -- in skins -- the sports receivers are battling it out for the numberch =÷
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we're talking football. and the first day of training camp. the redskins are one of many teams now too, that do not have their first round draft pick signed. there are aunch of them. now the big thing othe doekt. not uncommon for top draft picks to hold out in training camp. nfl agents and players attempt to get more money. teams don't like it. today redskins' defensive coordinator gave his two cents on the absence of first round pick defensive end saying he is missing valuable time already. the defense put in its work today including number 92, defensive tackle, albert haynesworth, signed the seven year, $100 million deal this off-season. he said he is not frying to live up to his contract but his own standard. greg bloche's standard he wants
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him at camp now. >> somebody else is getting better. he's not, we're not getting better as a team. a guy hold out. doesn't help him. only person it benefits his agent. he is not benefiting. what they're fighting about right now. i get a chance to show the coaches. i am a rookie playing a new position. i'm not getting those opportunities. >> i wouldn't want him to do that. >> defensive coordinator knows that time is of the essence. as the rskins intend to move him to linebacker from the typical spot, defensive end. meanwhile, for two players on fense. there is no time to waste when it comes to making up for lost opportunities last season. we have been out here for one day. one of the best battles, shaping up. number two wide receiver spot. coaches have gone on record and said, they would love formal
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comb kelly or devin thomas to step up. grab the starting role by the neck. something they both covet. especially after their disappointing rookie seasons. people expect a lot out of you. >> i take it for what it was. that's what people expect. i know what i expect. keep working hard. earn my keep. if i deserve to be a starter i will earn it. >> how important to be a starter and contributor. >> it's important. you don't want to play to sit behind anybody. when they feel like, you know between me and them. who ever wants to got out there. who ever wants it. that's who will get it. got to go to bed every night. come to practice every day like it is your job to lose. that's how you got to approach it. >> today was the day that malcolm and devin caught the ball and ran the route. and they can improve on. but they, they run the routes and catch some good ball. >> campbell careful not to discount receiver, antwaan
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randle el. saying if antoine randel el is the receiver. he'll catch plenty of balls. lindsay, back to you. >> redskins back on the practice field bright early tomorrow morning. baseball news -- turns out david ortiz and manny ramirez were involved in using performance enhancing drugs. both players named on the list of players w tested positive in 2003. meanwhile the nationals have to be irritated by today's game. wild, wacky once again happened. nationals on the losing end of a 7-3 score. in milwaukee. third inning. here is anderson. hernandez up at the plate. tries to bunt. but he is called out. hernandez can't believe it. he thought he dent touch the ball. well because of that. jim rigleman, comes out to argue. first with joe west. then with the third base umpire. so then, joe west says you know what i have had enough of your mouth. you are out there. throws him out of the game.
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the first game. rigleman has been tossed from. seventh inning. jason kendall. drives it to third. and throws home in time. doesn't get the tag down. mike cameron watch this closely. flags in. you've got to cover. good call. he's safe. man, nationals lose it. 7-3. and, in the wnba, mystics tonight beat the new york liberty. 78-73. good for them. yeah, good news. >> you are welcome. coming up next. neighbors worry aboutch adren ao tsdrench aer petython gets loose. oñoñç?
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an agreement reached between michael jackson's mother and his -wife. regarding the custody of jackson's three children. katherine jackson will have custody of 12-year-old prince michael, 11-yr-old paris and 7-year-old blanket. debbie rowe, biological mother of the two oldest children will have visitation rights under the supervision of a child psychologist. the lawyers say no money exchanged hand as a result of that deal. >> python on the loose in gaithersburg, nearly 4 feet esc. last ayid the resident snapped a photo of it as it slithered by. and a pet sitter was pet sitting when the python caped. at its current size, animal experts say the is not kidded dangerous. that may not be reassuring to ed reward ñ ñ?ñ
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the tonight show is up next. >> have a good one. inholl


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